Youtube Video Views Secrets (2018 Edition)

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If you have a niche in video marketing then you must understand that YouTube is the place where you should start publicizing your business. Many people ask me the question that I get bored of answering.  HOW TO GET MORE YOUTUBE VIEWS? Today I am going tell you youtube video views secrets I use to get lots of views from YouTube. Remember that YouTube is not only a video watching site but it is also a social networking website. It is the biggest community of video bloggers on earth.  To make sure that you get successful in YouTube first you got to ensure that you connect with other Video Publishers  in your niche.


1. Research-  After you decide on your video topic it is important to research YouTube thoroughly and see what are videos are posted in that same category. See those videos, at least see 3 of them before you decide your own video. You will get a better understanding of what areas to target and the specific topics the other videos are lacking. More Research is vital to make a successful video.

2. Video Quality- This is what makes a difference between  an unknown  and a successful video. You should always remember that your videos must of good quality. Add a professional introduction maybe a simple logo of your company before you start your video. Use a microphone that captures clear voice and make your videos informative crisp and interesting. I found out that adding a bit of humor always increases the attention of the viewers. Whatever you do, always try to think from a viewer’s perspective.

3. Video Title and Keywords –  A Good video always has a good Title which explains its content very well. A video title should always include the keywords that you are aiming for so that when people search the terms in Google your video appears in the search result. This practice cannot be learnt anywhere,  it comes with experience and research. Try to see the titles of the videos in your niche to get a rough idea.

4. Commenting- Make sure you comment on other videos in your niche. Never spam in the comments section.  Watch their videos and make sure that you write something related and genuine.  Video Response is also very critical in getting more views.

5. Consistency- You should have a habit of posting YouTube videos at a consistent rate. I post one video every week. YouTube recommends all their publishers to post at least a video each month. But make sure that you are not flooding your channels with 2-3 low quality vids every day.  Judge your own pace and keep at it.

6. Using other service – This should be the last option if you have tried all the above methods and still failed to get enough views.  Using services like ViewTubeTrain  is a proven method of getting views. You have to see other’s video in order to get views for your own. There are also plenty of services where you can pay  for a certain amount of views.  I personally do not like such methods but still you can use this option as your last resort.

I hope that my 6 step YouTube Views Secret Guide will help you get more video views and establish your brand on YouTube. If you want to know the ways of making Youtube videos click here.

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