What is Google Apps? Is it the same as Chrome App store?

Googel apps

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If you think that Google Apps is just another name for the popular chrome app store then you are mistaken. Both of them are two totally different programs from google and are often confused or misplaced. Google Apps are a range of services provided by Google that allows companies or organization to have multiple emails under their domain name, allow merging to google calendar events so that others can see and allows for better collaboration.

You can try Google Apps for free which allows for 50 user accounts. I highly recommend using Google Apps and connecting your website with them. Connecting your website requires them to change txt file in your DNS server or there is a less complicated method of just inserting a google meta tag in your website. Once your website is verified you are taken to your Dashboard. Here you can control everything and even add services like Capsule CRPM or Mailchimp for email newsletter.

For the free version of Google Apps you can get 50 user accounts. You also get google Docs and Google Sites Integration. However if you own a website with lots of members then i suggest that you get the paid version of Google Apps that allows for unlimited user accounts each with up-to 25 GB of storage. To see the full list of features click here. I highly suggest that those of you using a blog or a website should use this service to have a more professional looking email address. I know that nowadays web hosting companies gives free Email addresses but Google Apps is a one stop for everything. Google Apps is used by many multinational companies worldwide and you can think it an easier version of Microsoft Exchange.

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