IPhone App Development pays a lot

iphone app development

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If you have an idea for a brilliant application and you want the entire world to see it with you then you have a perfect solution. Actually iPhone App Development can pay you a lot. Recorded as the most booming market ever the iphone app store had over 12 billion app download.

Even better, in an official Apple presentation on August 2010, Steve Jobs said that Apple paid over $2 billion to their app developers. So if you have a masterpiece, then you can join the Developer’s program.

According to statistics, you can make the quickest money online with the release of an app. Even a successful blog takes 6 months before they see decent income from Google Adsense. Angry Birds created by a studio called Rovio sold $10 million copies in 10 days with the launch of their latest Angry Birds Rio. The app was priced at $2.99 so you can well imagine their profit margins. Apple splits the revenue with developers at 70 30 , 30 percent for Apple and the rest for the developers.

How you could start?

In order to get started with developing apps there are certain skills that you should have. First you need to have some sort of a programming language. The apple SDK called xCODE allows developers to work with Objective C. Second, you should have good graphic design skills especially if you plan to make a game or any interactive multimedia application for the App Store. Once you are done registering for the Developer’s Program make sure that you Download XCODE 10 ( around 4 GB).

After you complete installing Xcode go ahead and make a rough blueprint of your app. Xcode is the most sophisticated and powerful SDK platform in the world giving users alot of variety and some really powerful tools to work with. Once your app is ready make sure that you make a gorgeous looking icon, wirte some press releases, and set a good cheap price. While you set up your price make sure that you check other app prices in your segment before setting your price.

That’s all there is to making a successful app. Remember that if you are starting out then you need to market yourself in order to make the App noticeable to others. I suggest you ask for websites like techchruchtechnoratihuffington post to write an Article about your app. Make Youtube videos, create a website for your App or studio and you will see the flow of cash in no time.

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