How to Use Blog Talk Radio to generate massive followers to your blog

broadcast your own radio channel

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How many of you wanted to be hosts of a radio show. Are you good at speaking? Can you make others understand something with your speaking power. If the answers to all these questions are either yes or maybe then today i am going to tell you a new way of promoting your website or blog. Most of the popular and well established bloggers use BlogTalkRadio as a platform to get an instant fanbase. BlogTalkRadio allows you to create your own online Radio channel and host your own show whenever you like.

How to Use Blog Talk Radio

The basic account signup is actually free and the features included in this account will be more than enough to get you started. After signing up you can either listen to other radio shows, follow other shows make friends or if you ready then start your own radio show.

Try to speak about the topics related to your website. See their getting started guide for more information on how to take callers and host your show. Bascially its pretty simple and straightforward. You get a host number every time your show is about to start and you just simply call the toll free number from your mobile and start your show. For a basic account you cannot host a show more than 30 minutes.

It you choose a popular blog topic and start a blog talk radio channel then the traffic turnover to your site can be huge. Just make sure you prepare your show in advance. Jolt down the points along with the time you want to speak, time for your callers etc. Innovative blog promotion is the new way of making a successful blog and this is one of them. Here are my top tips for a successful show.

  • Plan your show ahead. Never think of making up the entire show live on spot.
  • Add your website to your Blog Talk Radio profile. This will lead to more traffic. Listeners from your show ill actually check your profile if they like your show.
  • Make sure you have a Facebook Page for your show where so that you can interact even more with your followers.
  • If possible add a starter audio that will automatically play whenever a listener starts listening to your channel.
  • Make a simple audio clip telling what your channel is all about and where people can find you.
  • Add a catchy description and title to your show that may catch the interest of other. Remember that a description is very important which should be short and crisp.

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