How to market your site with Email Newsletter for Free

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There are several ways of marketing your website or e-business. However one of the best ways of marketing is by using Email newsletter. Not only is this effective but it can get you lots and lots of web traffic in the long run. so how to market your site with email newsletter for free? Firstly you need to select a good topic , or maybe a step by step course and then select a good newsletter program so that you may effectively market your campaign.

There are tons and tons of newsletter service out there but one of the best free newsletter service is MailChimp. Not only is it free up-to 2000 email’s but you can even create and customize your won forms, set up your personalized branded campaigns, integrate with your mailing list, update signups to your mailing list and much more. Don’t be upset with the 2000 Email free barrier. 2000 is a lot and the day you reach a stage where you want more Email requirements then probably you will earn a lot from your website so that you can easily afford it.

My advice to all of you is that you start using a newsletter service. Newsletters should not be confused with simple blog update using RSS feeds. Newsletters are used by webmasters to give its subscribers a little more than just blog feeds. Part by part courses, interesting articles etc are mostly used by bloggers and webmasters via their newsletter services. You should also remember that your newsletter signup form should be integrated with a very interesting landing page. A landing page is basically a simple page with text and images where you give people interesting offers and services. Get an idea of starting a newsletter service, plan it first and then execute it via Mialchimp. You can also use some paid services like icontact, campaigner etc. but for a starter i highly recommend using mailchimp to get your hands dirty.

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