How to increase internet speed in Windows 7

Slow internet speed?

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Do you know that you can actually increase your internet speed in windows 7 despite the fixed bandwidth provided by your internet service provider? This is due to the reason that Windows 7 actually stores 20 percent of the entire bandwidth available for its own updates and access to the Microsoft Servers. Most of us are completely unaware of the fact because the option to control Windows bandwidth is completely hidden from us. However, in this article, I am going to guide you step by step how you can change the bandwidth speed and use all 100 percent of the total bandwidth available.

First  open start menu then type gpedit.msc and hit Enter.

Next  you will see a screen as shown below. 

increase internet speed

Now select Administrative Templates and then select Network under Administrative Templates. Next you have to select and double click QoS Packet Scheduler on the right hand side.

How to increase internet speed in Windows 7

Once you double click QoS Packet Scheduler you will get a screen as show below. Select and double Click Limit reservable bandwidth.

By default you will see the default settings as Not Configured. Even though the bandwidth limit below shows zero percent and is grayed, Windows 7 still reserves 20 percent of the current bandwidth available.

Now you need to click Enable and drag the bandwidth percent to zero percent. Then click Apply and then hit Ok.

Now run Disk Cleanup and restart your browser. Your Computer will utilize 100 percent of the total bandwidth available. You will also notice a slight gain in download speed.

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