How to create google plus brand page

create google plus page

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Beside having facebook brand page it is very important to have a Google plus page to promote your business online. Google plus page is also helpful to rank your site in Google. So in this article we will learn how to create google plus brand page?

First of all we need to create an account to create a brand page. If you have an existing google account you may use that one. After log-in to your account go to  Once you visit the portal you will find “Create Google+ Page” button, click on it.

Now enter your business name in “Brand Account name” text field and then click create button. If you find a message similar to “Sorry, this name is restricted. Try again” just go back and try some other name.

create google plus brand page

After successfully creating your google plus page, click Profile in the left panel. Now Click edit profile to place logo and cover image in your brand page. Put a brief about description and then click manage page under edit profile tab.

Google plus

Now click on the red plus button to add your website detail.

google plus profile

That’s all your google plus brand page is now ready.

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