Guide To Writing Articles and Blog Posts (Part 2)

writing article in 2018

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On the first part of guide to writing articles and blog posts I covered some of the key elements which you should follow while writing posts for your blog or website. The two most important thing are non-plagiarism and quality grammatically correct writing. In this section i am going to tell you a lit but more about articles and how you can use them at the right place to generate massive traffic for your own original blog or website. To get started you must make a habit of writing articles constantly. Never live with the misconception that lengthy articles are good and short articles are not read by any readers.

If you have good information and you can manage to explain others in short crisp sentences then you will definitely get appreciation. As a matter of fact i would also like to say that many people tend to avoid lengthy articles if they find that the first few lines are uninteresting or useless.

Apart from writing articles in your own blog you must also concentrate on writing articles on article directories and other blogs. Go to EZine Article Directory and start writing some good quality articles. You must be wondering how this will help you to get traffic or make your blog popular? Well. make sure that you create a signature below your name and link it with your website or blog. If you article contains useful stuff people who love them will often try to find you and here your Signature will lead them to your website. Article Marketing is very useful for generating targeted traffic. Although the process is slow but if you keep at it the results can be quite fruitful.

Use social media

You must also make sure that you add social bookmarking icons below your blog posts so that your readers can easily share with others if they like your article. Rather then going to individual Websites and generating a script for their share button i found a Website called ADD THIS which allows you to embed their own script that contains almost all social bookmarking articles. The importance of Social Bookmarking  cannot be neglected. Read this article to know how social bookmarking is useful for your blog or website.

I have covered almost everything that you need to know related with articles and blog posting in my two part Blog Post. However it takes a lot of hit and trial before you actually find the right note. Experiment with title captions and   find the right topic to be posted at the right time. I hope this information helps you and feel free to share this with others.

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