Guide to Writing Articles and Blog Posts (PART 1)

article writing

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In order to make a successful blog you must know that it is important to write good quality articles. So here is a complete guide to writing articles and blog posts. Articles must be grammatically correct and you must always try to avoid plagiarism.

In order to write a successful article in any topic, you must first browse other blogs in your genre and see what they are writing. There is no point in writing the same thing as your sole purpose should be to write something unique and useful for your niche audience.

Basically what I am trying to say is that you should come up with the idea of writing something that has not been written by other bloggers.  You must be wondering how to keep up with such unique  posts for a prolonged period of time.  The answer to that is research.

Search the internet for various topics in your niche, look for the latest news and updates. Try to post these news faster than any other blogs.  Another way to go about it , is to see some of the articles written by others and determine a particular section that needs more elaborative description. You will automatically get content for your blog.

Never try to copy and paste other’s work. The search engines will catch you and eventually your website can be banned due to copyright issues.  I highly recommend you to subscribe to other bloggers in your genre and see their trend of posts. This is effective for newbie bloggers.  Whenever you are writing a post add sufficient links to relevant keywords and phrases. These links can be either redirected to your own blog or any external website.

Another thing that you should consider is coming up with a very good caption. Captions are crawled first by search engines. Make the captions relevant to your posts and also make sure that they have the right keywords to gain a better search engine rank.

The timing for writing your article is also crucial. Using tools like Google Analytics you can find the Demographics of your website. Make sure that you post your articles at a suitable time for the region that generates maximum user views.

Lastly, prepare some good lengthy quality articles over time. These articles are called Content Articles and they power your blog with some quality information. Content Articles are important for the lng term popularity of your blogs. If you want then you can even divide the content articles into several parts. RSS feeds related to such articles and subscription options are must. Content Articles tend to bring a lot of subscriptions and loyal readers for your blog or Website.

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