Google Adwords and Adsense, the two legs for your blog. You cant walk without them

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When you set up a blog or a website the first thing we want apart from the website expansion is earning revenue from advertisers. Webmasters use adsense as they pay you good amount of money and also provide relevant ads for your advertisement making it a greater probability for the visitors to actually click these ads. However you must comply with the adsense terms and conditions as they recently became very strict with their acceptance. Adsense in a nutshell generates revenue from your blog.

Importance of Google Adwords and Adsense

Now what do you do if you start earning a handsome amount of money? Here is the biggest trick which most of us fails to complete. We either transfer this money to Paypal or our bank account and sit down with a happy smiling face. Remember if that is the case with you then that smile is just there temporarily. You need to spend the money especially when you just start out with a new blog or website, in advertising. Here is where adwords comes to the rescue. If you open google and search something then you will find some advertisement on the left hand side, generally text ads or sponsered links. These are adwords ads. Adwords users pays google for their ads, google pays a part of their income to adsense users who publish their ads. This is how the whole system words. So its highly recommended that you spend your adsense earning advertising your website. You are bound to get more traffic. Use the adowrds keywords feature , traffic estimator to choose the right keywords for your advertisements. You need to set up paypal or google checkout through which you manage all your payment transactions. So the next time you earn some revenue from your blog especially if its not very old think again before you transact all that money to your bank account.

Google ad placement

The boxes shows us where adowrds ads are placed

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