Effective Guide to Guest Blogging in 5 Steps

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Guest Blogging is often ignored by many bloggers thinking it is a waste of time. Why write for other bloggers when you have your very own blog to worry about. No matter how obvious this questions sounds some of the best ways of getting quality backlinks to your own blog is Guest Blogging. In this article you will find most effective guide to guest blogging.

Often ignored by most of the bloggers Guest Blogging is one of the most effective traffic generation method out there. But the process of guest blogging requires proper planning and execution to get the most out of the labor. In this post I am going to explain you the various steps you need to follow to be an effective Guest Blogger.

Planning Your Time

If you are a newbie blogger or an experienced one, a blogger has to spend a considerable amount of time researching and finding content for their own blog. In such a situation you might wonder where would you get the time in making another guest blog. Time Management is critical to solve this issue.

Make sure that you spend 30 percent of your total blogging time per day in searching for guest post websites in your niche, selecting and developing your article.

Selecting A Blog for Posting

There are millions and millions of blogs out there in the internet and many of them allows other users to submit Guest Posts. But you should be very judgmental while selecting the blog to post for. First of all you should try to find out your niche keyword. Let us take an Example, for instance you are writing about technology and gadgets. Now the top websites in that category can be easily found at technorati.com.

But you find that websites like TechCrunch, Mashable , Engadget does not allow regular users to submit articles. Next you should determine some other popular blogs that allows users to submit a post. Search Google thoroughly.

Make sure you see the Domain Authority and website statistics for that site at moz research tools and compare with other sites. Choose your website wisely as it is critical in getting loyal targeted visitors to your own blog.

Selecting A Topic to Write

Selecting a good topic to write is crucial. First of all you should scan your selected blog and see whether the topic you choose has already been written.

Try to see posts that are related to your Topic and come up with something that lacks explanation in that blog or which you thinks you can explain better. Choose a good title and start typing your blog.

Strategies for a popular post

There are some techniques that you should follow in making a good first post and be noticed as a new Guest Blogger for a particular blog.

I will suggest that you come up with a specific topic For Example: 5 most popular blog topics of 2018 rather than writing long opinion posts. Keep everything short and simple.

Use points or bullets where ever you can. Make sure that you think your posts from the perspective of your reader.

Do not forget to read guidelines for any blog because if you violate them then your posts will never be published.

A good post always ends in such a way that readers feel commenting is essential to complete the discussion. Whatever you do make sure you go through other posts in that blog and automatically you will have an idea of how to approach and execute your guest post.

You must also remember that each blog has a certain writing style to them. Some blogs like lengthy paragraph discussion while others love point based concise posts.

Relevant Media and Links to your Post

You must also remember that a good blog post often has relevant media content like pictures or YouTube videos to make the post even more lively. Try to grab pictures that have no republication issues. Most Google image will do.

If you think that a video explains your post better, go ahead and grab a YouTube Video Embed Code. You must use links to your post if you feel like people may want to know a particular term even more.

Use suitable links for key terms and words. Do not fill your posts with lots and lots of links as this is a common mistake done by several new bloggers.

Once your guest post is ready check for punctuation or any spelling error. Then Submit your post to the blog.

Your post will be reviewed max in 2 days but still depends upon the blog. Once your post gets published you will get noticed by the blogging community for your writing.

Many blogs also support adsense revenue sharing programs. Lastly you should understand that guest blogging is one of the best traffic generations methods.

People reading your post will often click on your website’s link and start reading your blog. Another massive advantage of Guest blogging is the fact that you are guaranteed to get targeted visitors to your blog. My advice to you Start Guest blogging Now.

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  1. I really enjoyed this post. Lately I’ve come to realize the importance of spreading the gospel outside of my little universe through the power of guest posting. I really didn’t know where to look as I’ve been a bit self absorbed lately (working my site PLUS attempting to live a life (yea right)). To make a long story short, THANKS.

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