Domain buying and selling is an emerging new market

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Do you know that you can actually make money by buying and selling domain names on the internet. That’s right, it is a new and emerging business and many webmaster call it online real estate. A domain which you buy is a piece of your online real estate. There are a lot of things that you can do with it.

How to buy or sell your domain

Firstly, one of the best ways of earning money from your unused domains is to park them with online sites like sedo, afternic and godaddy. Parking your domain is simple and all the necessary instructions are provided in their website. Basically you need to change your DNS server name to the one instructed in their site and you will see advertisements appearing when you type your web address. If you have a very catchy and popular name like just and example) then you will be surprised to see that your domain will get lots and lots of traffic everyday. So its better not to waste your domain possession and try to monetize it for your own income.

The second thing that you can do with your domains is list them in popular auction sites like Sedo and Afternic. Listing a domain is very simple and be sure to choose the right keywords and description for your domain so that buyers can find your domain in the right catagory. Wait for a couple of months and you will start getting offers for your domain. Pricing your domain is important and crucial for the sale. If you have a domain with three words then you should price it lesser than say a domain with a single word. My advice to you is that , go throught the auction list on sedo and afternic, you will get a better understanding of what to charge for your domains.


Sometimes people see that a very long domain name is sold for a big price. That is because the domain is having a high traffic. If you buy a new one and intend to sell it then i suggest that you keep the price low. In 2011 was sold for around $11 million. This is because sex is a very popular word searched by millions on the search engines and that site is likely to appear at the top of every search giving it the potential have millions of traffic.

Finally join domain name forums like DNforum , NamePros and interact with other domainers worldwide but be careful as spamming can lead you to a permanent ban in such site. Never ever type advertise you domain on such forums. These forums should be used for contacts with great domainers who might be interested in what you have to offer. Let others make the first step. You should also visit DNjournal at a regular basis as it gives you the complete statistics and updates from the domain world. Domaining is a new and innovative business model and if you play your cards right then sky is the limit for you.

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