Amazon opens a dedicated Android Appstore

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Amazon the world’s biggest product selling company will now feature a dedicated android app store. This is a big boost for the android app market and developers will now have a new reason to develop on the android SDK. The company will integrate this service with their website with some advanced techniques like search integration where buyers are automatically recommended apps according to the products they browse or buy. Moreover amazon will add various other features to the appstore. The most prominent one being one paid app download for free everyday starting with Angry Birds Rio.

However unlike google amazon will determine the price for a particular app. Developers can submit the recommended price but it is upto amazon to decide the final price for the application. Amazon is known for their successful business and e-commerce strategy and it seems with the disorganized google app store, amazon will provide a much better userbase for android applications and show some compitition to the world dominating apple app store.

Moreover to make things worse apple has filed a complaint against amazon over the use of the word appstore. Apple believe that appstore signifies their app market and will pose serious confusion to the users. However the matter remain unresolved till now. Last but not the least many of us believe that the kindle will be integrated with the amazon app store. The company officials said that they are will try to integrate future kindle with the android app store. Finally android struck the right note and now its all up to the developers to maintain the momentum and serve the new customer base.


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