Advantages of having a Facebook Page


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There are many advantages of having a Facebook page. For every successful business you will find that they all posses a Facebook page or a fan page. Facebook pages are very important for you to get recognized in the early days especially if you just start a new business. Facebook is very Search Engine friendly and you are bound to see immediate listings in the search engines. Another advantage of using a Facebook page is that you can instantly share it with your friends and friends of friends giving you better exposure.

Some of the ways you can use your Facebook page to popularize your website or e-business are as follows:

1. Always post a URL of your website on your Facebook page.

2. Update the page status frequently and make sure you respond to any comments or query submitted to your page.

3. Add a Facebook Like button of your page to your website.

4. Add your Facebook page link to your Email signature , Digg the news and make sure that you bookmark it in Yahoo Delicious. Try to integrate all social networking sites in such a way that viewers always land up in your Facebook page. Since your Facebook page contains your website URL, you will get traffic to your website.

5. Make sure that you edit the landing page of your Facebook page with relevant information and the page should always contain your official logo or banner. Information in the landing page tells users about your business. To know how you can edit your Facebook landing page see Facebook Page Help.

6. If possible promote your Facebook Page with an add. If you can do this you can get loads and loads of traffic to your website.

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