5 Tips of Getting More Adsense Clicks


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I know that it takes a lot of time and hard work to get accepted into the Google Adsense Program. And you must be feeling very frustrated when you see that no one actually clicks your advertisement. Do not worry.

Here is the tips of getting more Adsense clicks. This happens to all of us in the initial stages and we all learnt from our mistakes. Today I am going to give you five solid tips with which I guarantee that your  Click Through Rate (CTR) will increase.

But before I start I must say that no matter what happens you should never click your own advertisement or encourage others to do so.

Write Quality Content

Writing quality content is very vital as it ensures that visitors have something fruitful in your website. You should always remember that without real visitors and targeted traffic you can never get Advertisement clicks.

So make a habit of writing quality content and presenting it well in your website or blog.

Website Design is Vital

In order to get good amount of CTR for your ads it is important that you have a neat and clean web design with advertisement spaces at strategic locations.

You can always hire a web designer to do the work or code on your own from scratch. If you are using WordPress the I highly recommend  that you invest some money in buying premium themes. My recommendations will be to go for WOO Themes or Studio Press.  Their themes come with Advertisement spaces where you can simply copy paste your ad code.

Vital Ad zones

According to massive surveys, it is proved that Large Rectangle,  Vertical Banners and Inline Rectangle works the best. I am not forcing you to keep these ad formats but there is nothing wrong going with the mass success.  Below is a graphical representation of Adsense Hotspots Zones showing ads in which areas are clicked the most.

Red Zones Indicate Higher CTR

Blending your advertisement with your content

This is something which  I am personally not fond of but certainly works and can  rocket shoot your CTR if you execute the plan correctly.

The sole purpose for you should be to blend  advertisements with your content in such a way that users automatically click those ads thinking it’s a part of your website, or are easily bought to the attention of visitors as they scan through your content.

If you  scroll down on the right hand side you can see how well the text ads are blended with the entire website theme. This tactic increases your CTR for sure.

Do not  lose hope and focus on your Website

According to a survey by Google the website in the first page of particular keyword get a CTR of about 5-6 percent.  Whereas an average 2 percent is considered quite good.

I should also mention that higher CTR does not guarantee higher income. A blog or website with a CTR of say 2 percent can earn more with a blog of CTR 7 percent even with the same traffic.

A lot depends on your topic choice and Advertisement relevance. My suggestion to you is that do not put adsense ads until you get at least 100 unique visitors a day to your website. To know more on Google Adwords and Adsense click here. GOOD LUCK!

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