5 most popular blog topics in 2018

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Blogging certainly requires time and passion. You should always blog about your niche. The soul reason being you can spend more time and effort if you love what you do. Having said that, there are some truths about blogging that you cannot simply avoid. Remember, not all blogging topics make decent money. For example is you start writing about Air Conditioners or about robotics, then it is likely that you will make less money that a blog on fitness or technology. According to a survey conducted by experts here are the 5 most popular blog topics.

5 most popular blog topics

5. Finance – blogs on finance are always popular they have a large base of readers so if you make a blog on this topic it is more likely that you will get popular pretty easily than some other topics. Entrepreneurship also falls in this category. But you need to have a strong commerce base in order to make a successful finance blog.

4. Entertainment – Blogs in this category can range from topics like music, movies, celebrity gossips etc. Yet another very appealing and ever changing topic. One of the best thing about entertainment blogs is the fact that if you can publish something exclusive which no other website had published before then you can get a sudden and instant popularity boost. You can easily make a fan base with such opportunity.

3. Health and Fitness – This topic has been popular ever since blogging started. Let me tell you a very interesting fact. When you Just type the two words HOW TO on Google the first suggestion you get is ” How to get pregnant”. If you are health savvy then start a blog about any health topic that touches the general mass. For example how to reduce fat, tips of regular workout etc. Once your blog reaches few readers you can easily integrate your blog with an health related affiliate product and earn commissions on every sale you make.

2.” How to” Blogs – For this topic i need not tell you anything. How to blogs are so popular that search engine fall in love with them. Most internet users type their problems on Google, Yahoo etc. by typing “How To” followed by their problems. Get some good catchy topics on your How To blog and you will get listed on the first page of Search engines for that particular keyword. The most famous how to blog as we all know is ehow.com .

1. Technology – The number one blogging topic used by over 40 percent of bloggers. So you can expect that along with popularity comes a very steep competition. So if you are planning to make a tech related blog then firstly see other blogs in your area and then try and plan something unique. Focus on a particular technological topic as tech itself is a huge field.

The above topics are certainly popular and gets good traffic in general. But This does not mean that other topics fail. If you can make your blog appealing and compelling to your readers then obviously you will get your target audience.

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