5 easy SEO techniques that you just can’t miss

SEO techniques

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In order to get massive traffic to your website one of the most effective practice is Search Engine Optimization(SEO). With proper SEO your site can get constant regular traffic. Search engine optimization is a huge topic. There are several companies that charge you with some serious cash. Your goal is to target your niche audience with some keywords. So we enlisted here 5 easy SEO techniques that you just can’t miss. Some of the best practices with which your website or blog can be well optimized for Search Engines are as follows.

1.Pre Planning Your Site- Before you even start building your own website there are certain preplanning that you should carry out in order to achieve better SEO. First decide your topic. Then search for a good domain name that relates to your topic. Find some suitable keywords, if possible make a list and try to use these keywords in your site title, topic posts etc. Feel free to Try our topic choice solver in our home page.

2. Adwords- Google Adwords lets you publicize your own ads. Moreover its keywords tool allows us to search for a particular keyword and get results on local and global monthly searches. Search for the keywords that you think suits your site. Also you should select a bunch of keywords and search for similar ones. Also do not forget to check the compitition meter. Higher value indicates that your site is less likely to appear on the first page. For beginners try to aim for keywords with  less competition and global searches of 5000-7000.

3. Market Samurai- If you can spend a little money then i highly recommend using Market Samurai. They provide you with expansive details of latest keywords trends, market competition, suggested keywords etc.

4. Write for Humans – Remember that many people tend to use lots of keywords in their blog post or article thinking that Google will rank their page higher in search engines. With the latest introduction of the Google Panda algorithms, such websites tend to get poor search engine results. You should always think that you are writing in your website or blog so that other humans can read. So it is always advised to write grammatically correct articles with your own natural flow of the language. If you follow this, you will find that keywords automatically fall into place.

5. Use Meta Tags & Backlinks- This is one of the easiest ways of better search engine optimization(SEO). Meta tags can be placed in the <head> element of your HTML coding. Relevant meta tags in your pages and blog posts will improve your search engine results. Create relevant backlinks to your website. More backlinks you can generate you will have better SEO ranking.

Lastly remember that SEO is a very vast topic. People dedicate their lives trying to figure out new ways of SEO foe their website. This is a gradual process and takes time. Google cannot possibly crawl all websites instantly when they are updated. Have patience and if you follow the above steps you are bound to see good results over time.

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