10 ways to increase twitter followers

how to increase twitter followers

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Have you  ever wondered the power of Twitter. At First many people simply ignored twitter thinking it to be too small to be effective. But with time people realized that twitter can be a very powerful platform for interaction. The USP of twitter was simple. Keep things short and to the point. Celebrities and Popular personalities soon started joining this newly emerging social networking site. Soon many Webmasters saw Twitter as an excellent platform to market their website or blog.  Ever since then people became obsessed with their Twitter Follower Count. In order to make a vast marketing impact one needs more and more followers so that their Tweet reaches the maximum potential audience . In this post i am going to share with you some of the most effective ways of increasing your Twitter Follower Count.

Build A Brand

Firstly you should think the reason for others to follow you. Certainly you are not a famous personality or a Rock-star. You  need to build your own brand right from scratch. Most of the people obsessed with Twitter Follow Count either have a blog or Website. Firstly you should concentrate in developing your Website and reach more and more people.  Try to follow a particular niche and provide something useful to others.

If you have a blog then write about trending topics and do not just make a post on a recent news. Add your views. Make it a little bit of a controversy.  Experiment your designs and try to build a brand. Make a Professional Looking LOGO and if possible use the Logo in Your Twitter Profile or make a Custom Twitter Background. Once People Clicks on your Twitter Links they should instantly recognize your website. Try Making Your Twitter Profile more professional and attractive.

Hash Tags

If you are using Twitter you might be familiar with the all important Hash Tag.  If you are not sure what this is then let me tell you that a typical Hash Tag looks something like #Google, #Blogging etc. Hash tags generate a link on themselves and once you click the Tags from your Twitter Account then you can See recent tweets using the same keyword or the Hash Tag.  Always remember that if you want to reach a mass of twitter users beyond  your followers then this is the best practice.

Hash Tags can be used anywhere in your tweets and YES, they do take up Twitter Characters forcing you to use them wisely. Always use Hash Tags that are relevant to your Tweets.  Say, wanted to tweet a link regarding iOS 5 then you can use hash-tags like #iOS or #Apple or even #iPhone to be more specific.  One piece of information i would like to share with you guys is that use #fb to directly post your Twitter feeds as Facebook posts.


This is a great Application that often promises good results. Basically what Twiends does is that it allows you to follow other to earn some credits. Once you earn sufficient credits you can buy twitter followers. Moreover once you follow others in a particular niche, those guys will follow you back. Twiends shows results quickly and you must join this program to gain some quick followers. However, one thing you should always remember is that you must maintain a healthy Following: Follower ratio. Never let Following exceed too much. Wait for more followers before you start following others randomly using Twiends.

Follow buttons and SDK

Make sure that you grab a code of Twitter’s new Follow button and embed then in an strategic location in your website letting others see the button instantly. Adding a Follow button allows visitors to follow you directly from your website. This is a vital step in getting more followers and often such followers are targeted loyal audience.

Retweet Useful Information

Retweeting useful tweets is essential. Often you come across tweets that you find interesting. You have the urge to share it with your friends. Instead of copy-pasting the link in the tweet use the Retweet button below on the lower right hand side. Retweeting is vital as a popular tweet often gets bounced around twitter like a ping pong ball. Often twitter users you likes your tweet will follow you. Use Retweets  wisely.  Tweet things related to your niche if you want to get targeted followers.

Photos Tweets

Often text can’t convey messages like Images do. So you must try to post some pictures related to your life to get users more involved with your community. Use an photo sharing application to tweet your photos automatically. Photo Tweets often engage other users and they might follow you. If you are a girl then use Photo Tweets seriously and you might get an explosion of followers. I hope you understand what i am trying to say 🙂


This is the first Twitter app that actually allows users to filter spammers from your Followers lists. Moreover, True Twit users gained a reputation of their own and are often considered as non -spammy original twitter users due to their True Twit badge. Use True Twit to filter you authentic followers so that you can shortlist your members and prepare for your next target. Also, if you are a True Twit user then you often do not have to validate for others and others might follow you back directly once you follow them. Give TrueTwit a try.


How often it happens that you are very active on twitter and you check your tweets regularly and reply to them. You tweet new stuff but one important thing many users forget to check is their messages section on the top right hand side just beside the profile button. Make sure that you check your messages on a daily basis and respond to users who might have a private query and wanna avoid tweeting about it. Such users often end up as your follower.

Be Active in Twitter

We all love posting Facebook stats and Check out pictures. But we never use Twitter on a daily basis. You must remember that to get a constant flow of Followers you must be an active member of the Twitter community. Tweet about your niche, tweet photos, tweet about your life whatever, Just keep TWEETING. Tweet at least thrice every day . Make sure that you download the Twitter Application for your mobile devices so that you can tweet instantly when you would like to share something. Active Users are the once who have a large follower base.

These are the most common methods that you can try to gain followers. Remember not to be obsessed or depressed with your follower count. Rather, make sure that you try working hard on gaining some useful attention in the Twitter community. 

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