10 Tips for SEO and Web Promotion for New Websites.

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When you start your own website you definitely want lots and lots of traffic. However, getting the initial traffic may be difficult for some, especially if you decide not to spend on costly advertising campaigns.  You might get some visits from your social networking, but those visitors are always limited to your friends and family, so you may think What should you do in order to get targeted readers? Well in this post I will cover some of the most popular ways by which you can get traffic using SEO and other web marketing techniques.  Remember that no one can tech you web marketing fully, you need to dive in deep to discover new ways of promotion and getting loyal visitors.I will try to help you and summarize some of the most essential and standard practices of SEO once you have a new website up and running.

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1. Add URL’s to Search Engines

Firstly you should always add your Website’s Index Page URL to popular search Engine Directories like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. Adding URL is free and allows search Engine to crawl your website and automatically show them relevant results. Later on you can even add your sub domains and other pages. Whatever URL you submit make sure that it has enough genuine content.

2. Webmasters Tools

In order to master the art of getting targeted traffic it is always important to have the right set of tools that will help you determine the right actions you need to take for optimal results. Two such services are Google Webmasters Tools and Google Analytics. While the Webmaster tool allows you to see various search queries that are used to see your Website the Analytics shows all statistics for your website like traffic, demographics, visitor source etc. In order to use both the service you need to add META TAGS provided by Google and activate them once you have pasted them in your Website.

3. Using the Right Meta Tags

You need to make sure that you are using the right keywords as meta tags and use a suitable description using the Meta Tag in your head. The description must also contain important keywords. Both the Keyword and Description Meta Tags are crawled first by any search engine so use them wisely.

4. Write what no one has written

Now this may sound weird, but you should always right something original unique and truthful in your website or blog. Do not copy others. Make sure that you research well about a certain topic and see what others failed to explain well. Capitalize that area and make a fruitful article. This is one of the key factors for generating targeted traffic.

5. Use YouTube for Video Marketing

YouTube is the world’s biggest video community. You should set up your own YouTube Channel and start making fruitful videos. Ask Yourself what you want to see. See through the eyes of your audience and make a video. To know more about making good YouTube videos Click Here.

6. Twitter and Facebook

Make a Facebook Page. Recommend them to Your friends and families. Add a Facebook Like Button or a Facebook Page Box to your website. Use twitter and connect with people in your niche. Social Bookmarking in your own website is vital for getting automated backlinks when others post your Content or recommend it to their friends and families. Read How to use Social Bookmarking for web promotion.

7. Backlinking

Backlinking is vital for SEO. The more backlinks you can get the higher will be your page rank. Try to contact other bloggers or website owners in Your area and establish a good relationship with them. Ask them for backlinking. Post links on their website in your own contant. Make those links relevant so that visitors may actually click on your links. Backlinking takes time but is very effective for your site’s success.

8. Email Marketing

One of the best way to get more visits to your website is by using Email Marketing. Although most of these services charge money but i found a good program called MailChimp that offers all the Email Marketing tools you may require to promote your website. Offer something valuable so that others may actually subscribe to your Email campaigns. This will help you build a Email List.

9. LiveStream

Although a bit unconventional way of web marketing, Live Stream is gaining fast popularity with recent web promotion services. If you can set up a successful LiveStream then you can get a lot of quick visitors. Such visitors are always targetted. To know more about LiveStream click here.

10. Content via RSS

Ultimately make sure you write good quality content in your website or blog. People will not subscribe to your blog if you do not provide something useful. Use FeedBurner to get more subscribers. Add your subscribers in your mailing list.

These are some of the best ways for a new Website to make a mark on the World Wide Web. But most importantly you should always remember that web marketing and SEO techniques are constantly evolving and you should always have the zeal to find new ways and techniques to promote your website.

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